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Does your company employ more staff than it should be?

You have a successful business but would like to know with certainty if you are maximizing the utilization of your resources. You notice that your company employs more staff than a competitor of similar size and results. You feel your company is slow and lacks agility. Hierarchy is too vertical and blocks young talent from being promoted. Staff turnover is high. We might have the perfect answer for you.

Scientific indication

Resource Optimization might well be the most crucial tool at hand for the cost-conscious manager, because it will give him a scientific indication if he is using his most expensive and most volatile resource, his employees, in an optimum way.

Our approach to Resource Optimization

However, our approach to Resource Optimization is not limited to a clinical Time and Motion exercise. It also takes into consideration the entire business, including aspects such as the organizational structure, the prevailing internal and external cultures, the level of advancement of technology, as well as the short and medium term plans of the business.

In our final recommendations, we shall also give indications about the quality of the workforce, thus helping management to take the right decisions about reshuffling, terminating, or promoting employees for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. More indications will be given regarding the training and development needs of the employees to enhance team work and make use of synergies, therefore cutting lead time of various transactions and achieving even further efficiency.

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