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How about turning your Managers into Leaders?

Good Managers are hard to find. Good Leaders are a very rare breed. How about turning your Managers into Leaders? How about having several people at the top working hand-in-hand towards the same vision and goals, proactively driving the business to new heights, ready for promotion to replace any departing senior employee, and acting as change champions and people’s role models? How about increasing your figures significantly in a relatively short time? How about your company continuously performing under sunny skies?

What do we cover?

The Leadership Program targets a company’s Senior Managers, Middle Managers, and to-be Managers, to develop their leadership skills. It is an ambitious program, that encompasses a variety of soft managerial skills. Its main pillar will be an extended Organization Behavior module, which covers the essentials of successful people management. Other modules comprise Communication, Team-building, Body language and listening skills, Performance evaluation, Motivation, Negotiation, Conflict resolution, Decision-making, Time management, Emotional intelligence, Change management, and other topics if needed.


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Change agents within the institution

Participants will become part of a tightly-knit team of leaders sharing the same vision and values, acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to develop strategies, get acquainted with a wide range of tools which they can use selectively based on the problem at hand, develop a global vision of the company allowing them to rely on each other and use synergies, and focus on global results. They will also become highly efficient people managers and change agents within the institution.