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Beyond simple control

Your company has reached a size where staff management has become a necessity. You need state of the art structures and systems to manage your employees and to maintain first-hand information on them that is relevant to your business. You want a department that will go beyond simple control and proactively assist you in your strategic planning. We offer you a solution to meet your concerns.


This is a solution for companies that are re-structuring their Human Resources function because of:

1- Recent growth,

2- Introducing it as a new function,

3- Re- introducing it after outsourcing it.

4- Digital transformation

What will you get?

A team of professionals will assess the existing structures, systems, and policies and procedures, in relation to their adequacy as well as their suitability for the company’s structure in general. All employee administration tools will be covered, such as payroll, leaves, medical coverage, benefits administration, manual of policies and procedures, employee booklet, code of ethics, job descriptions, as well as more strategic functions such as recruitment and promotion policies, succession plans, retention plans, manpower planning in general, career plans and training and development needs assessment and implementation.

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The approach

The approach is very hands-on, transferring knowledge to the members of the company’s team, who will learn how to use systems and regulations to unburden managers, to address staff-related needs and expectations while strictly abiding by company’s rules, to develop and retain talent, and to minimize costs while still attracting and motivating the best talent.

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