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    14 Live Coaching Sessions I 8 Modules I 70 Training Videos I 67 Podcasts I 36 Exercises & More...
    • 1.Structure your leadership approach to increase performance
    • 2.Embrace the latest leadership tools, implement on the job directly
    • 3.Improve your coaching skills as a leaders on a daily basis
    • 4.Eliminate negative behaviour in your team
    • 5.Rely on proactive industry-related experts at your finger tips
    • 6.No stress, swift support to fit your daily schedule
    • 7.Dedicated coaching sessions by experts
    • 8.Support offline and on-line


    Individual Dynamics in Organizations
    Unity in Performance
    Corporate Culture and Organizational Dynamics
    Communicate to Lead
    Leaders Champion of Change
    Leadership for Optimal Performance
    Team Synergies leaders’ assets
    Puling the Fuse leader’s daily challenge

    Training Delivery Options

    1. Online & Blended Learning
    2. Face-to-Face Sessions
    3. Personalized Coaching with Live Expert Sessions

    Anticipated Outcomes

    1.Self-paced at Your Convenience
    2.Certificate of Completion
    Corporate Testimonials

    Throughout my experience as HR Manager, I dealt with different prominent training providers. However, Win stands out of the crowd as they provide programs that are really tailored to the need of the business and individuals.

    Group HR @Electronics Group

    I want to again thank you for all the support throughout the leadership program. We truly lived business partnership with you and received valuable and beneficial support for the best satisfaction of the purpose of the program.

    HR Director@Insurance Group
    Frequent Asked Questions
    • 1. Why WIN Human Resource Solutions ?
      We customise to your needs and make it relevant to your industry, so you can apply the leadership tools directly to the market place.
    • 2. How do I know the training and coaching are impacting the bottom line?
      During our coaching we ensure that each interaction follows a structured approach maximizing the your efficiency solving problems on the job and inspiring your team and colleagues.
    • 3. Can you customize the coaching to suit my business?
      We always customize to your industry during the coaching because every business is different, every business has different goals , challenges and objectives.
    • 4. How do you measure the performance levels during the 12-week period of training and coaching?
      We ask the employees to take assessments before and after the training and compare the fluctuation in their performance from one coaching session to another. We make sure we eliminate their weaknesses and build on their strengths. 60% of our sessions are about practical interaction.
    • 5. How much will it cost me?
      It will cost you 50% less than any the normal fee and any provider that applies like us international standards.
    • 6. Can I cancel anytime?
      Once the program is up and running we believe it is better to continue until the end, to see tangible results. You can cancel at any point as we are offering you a 7 day money back guarantee.
    Why Us?
    • The ultimate guide for improving your leadership skills
    • Endorsed by prestigious Organizations
    • Accelerate your Career
    • Experts trainers and coaches