Sales Coaching

Build on selling strengths and Improve Sales Results by 19% when you implement a coaching program!

Training is not enough! Studies show that creating new habits takes 66 days and that when establishing multiple habits, even longer.  WIN Sales & Marketing Programs ensures success by creating and implementing a structured Coaching Program based on your business requirements and budget. 

    Sales Effectiveness Versus Coaching

    Building an efficient sales team is the essence of sales coaching.

    WIN Sales & Marketing Programs creates customized sales coaching solutions that focus on improving the sales effectiveness of your team by:

    • Improving seller’s skills
    • Providing the necessary support for sales managers
    • Impacting  sales people potential


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    Sales Coaching, first step to Sales Effectiveness

    Sales Coaching – The First Step To Sales Effectiveness

    Only 35% of the total time of a sales representative is spent in selling a product to the customers. The rest goes into Preparation, Research and Gathering Resources.

    Sales coaching is the SOLUTION that help salespople use adequate sales approach and sales process effectively. Investing in sales coaching is not a choice anymore, it is a must.

    Coaching Programs to Improve Acquired Sales Skills

    Sales professionals acquire a lot of skills on their job. Developing these skills is very important to achieve success consistently. WIN Sales & Marketing coaching programs focus on enhancing your employees’ acquired sales skill and promote sales efficiency. Among the services we offer are – 

    • Improving seller skills – Equip your salespeople with the necessary skills and techniques to influence the customers thinking and create a sense of loyalty by challenging their approach.
    • Providing the necessary support for sales managers

    Flexibility Combined With Productivity

    WIN Sales coaching programs are flexible, so that your employees do not have to spend extra hours at work or change their daily schedules. We will design our training programs in such a way that your employees’ routine at work will not be disrupted.